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Keywords: Activist, Biography, E.F. Schumacher, New Economics, Peace Movement
A concise, intellectually rich, and gracefully written biography of Robert Swann, peace activist and pioneer of community economics, On Gandhiís Path introduces Swann, a WWII vintage absolutist war resister, and his decentralist cohort of pacifists, homesteaders, economic cooperators, and land and monetary reformers. Swann, a friend and colleague of E.F. Schumacherís, established numerous economic innovations that foster small self-reliant community.
Keywords: Ecology, Feminism, Meditation, Travel, Social Criticism
A collection spanning 25 years, concerning subjects ranging from Peak Oil to Dwarf Lake Iris, with stops in India and the back forty along the way.
Keywords: Memoir, Northwoods, Nature Writing, Ecology, Feminism, Meditation, Social Criticism
Longtime bioregionalist Mills once again confronts, with honesty, literary sensibility and wit, the joy, struggle and chagrin of living closer to the land--and her ideals. Under the aegis of the philosopher Epicurus, using personal stories as her vehicle, Mills reflects on the seasons, more-than-human nature, conviviality, vocation, and our common fate.
Keywords: Aldo Leopold, Bioregionalism, Ecological Restoration, Environmental History
"An instruction manual, a field guide to a sustainable lifestyle, and a glimmer of hope in a damaged world." --Katie Hennessey, Utne Reader
Keywords: Ecology, Environmental Movement, Memoir
A lively memoir of the early days of the ecology movement as it burgeoned in the San Francisco Bay Area. As told by one of its bright lights. Whatever Happened to Ecology? profiles numerous leaders and beaux esprits of the 70s while recounting the authorís intellectual journey through the complexities of bioregional thought and action.
Keywords: Globalization, Luddism, Technological Excess
An artfully edited conference proceedings, this book is a mosaic of ideas and tools for critiquing the big technological picture in the context of the global economy. Fifty distinguished thinkers discuss the negative impacts of the technological revolution and present a healing vision for the 21st century.
Keywords: EarthDay 1990, Environmental Essays, Environmental Literature
An introduction to environmental concern, In Praise of Nature includes five thought-provoking essays by Stephanie Mills followed by expert authors' reviews of, and excerpts from, scores of works and includes an annotated bibliography listing over 100 titles.

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